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Wooden Toy Train



Play for a


In our specialty toy store, we welcome playful minds of all ages to experience the intrigue, excitement and joyful memories that only toys can bring about.


Located in a quaint stone cabin in downtown Elk Rapids, Michigan, our visitors are sure to be charmed, while discovering the many ways to seek the spirit of play.

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Image by Vanessa Bucceri

Toys for All Ages

Toy Shop

Educational Play

Image by Mat Reding

Nostalgic Toys

Knitted Dolls

Imaginative Play

Image by Robyn Budlender


Colored pencil tips

Creative Play

Image by Robert Coelho

Board Games

Glitter Slime

Sensory Play

Image by Markus Spiske


Kite in the Sky

Outdoor Play

Image by Oxana Lyashenko


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